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Vaccination Test Kit
  • Vaccination Test Kit

Vaccination Test Kit

The energy patterns of most of the standard childhood vaccines, plus influenza (several strains), HPV (the cervical cancer vaccine), H1N1 and some travel vaccines. 31 vials.
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  • VA 1 B.C.G.
    In UK at age 12-13.

    VA 2 Cholera
    Severe allergic reactions to vaccine, nerve damage, mental problems.
    Vaccination only recommended if travelling to cholera areas across remote borders, especially overland.

    VA 3 D.P.T.
    (Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Tetanus)
    Toxoids of diphtheria & tetanus; inactivated pertussis sudden infant death syndrome, brain damage, asthma.
    Introduced in 1957 in UK, by 1969 over 80% of children vaccinated.
    Recommended regime is 4 times before age 6 and then age 14-16 years old, and then every 10 years afterwards.

    VA 4 Diphtheria
    Introduced in 1930’s, now mainly given as DPT.

    VA 5 Diphtheria/Tetanus
    Now mainly given as DPT.

    VA 6 Encephalitis
    Travel vaccination for Far East, Indian subcontinent, South East Asia.

    VA 7 Hepatitis A
    Travel vaccination.

    VA 8 Hepatitis B
    In New Zealand vaccination of babies introduced in 1988 and abandoned in early 1990’s following evidence of immune suppression; routinely offered to infants in US, but not in UK; compulsory in Italy.

    VA 9 HIB
    (Bacterial Meningitis caused by Haemophilus Influenzae type b)
    Introduced in US in 1985 and UK in 1992.

    VA 10 Influenza
    (various strains)
    Because of the ability of the virus to mutate, different vaccines are needed each year; this vial contains various strains from 1992 onwards – check the vial label to make sure it is up-to-date. Usually updated in October/November each year.

    VA 11 Measles
    First introduced in UK in 1968 and in US in 1957; banned in UK in August 1999 to force parents to use MMR.

    VA 12 Meningitis
    Saudi Arabia requires immunisation for those going on pilgrimage to Mecca.

    VA 13 MMR
    (Measles, Mumps and Rubella)
    First introduced in UK in 1988 and in US in 1975.

    VA 14 MR
    (Measles and Rubella)

    VA 15 Pertussis
    (Whooping Cough)
    First available in 1912; commonly available mid 1950’s; now mainly given as DPT.
    Compensation for vaccine damage introduced in UK in 1978.

    VA 16 Pneumonia /Pneumovax
    Given to elderly people to prevent pneumonia

    VA 17 Polio (Sabin)
    In use since mid 1960’s, prior to that the Salk polio vaccine was used.

    VA 18 Polio (Salk)
    Polio vaccine first introduced in 1952/53 in US and 1956 in UK; the Sabin polio vaccine used in America and England since 1960’s; Finland, Sweden and Netherlands use this polio vaccine.

    VA 19 Rabies
    Travel vaccination for those exposed to an unusual risk of infection e.g. Taking long journeys in the bush.

    VA 20 Rubella
    (German Measles)
    Rubella during earlier pregnancy can result in damage to unborn child (congenital Rubella Syndrome).

    VA 21 Smallpox
    Introduced in England in 1840 and made compulsory in 1853; it is now believed that smallpox has been eradicated so immunisation is no longer required; in USA vaccination programme stopped in 1972, but re-introduced for selected categories of people in 2003.

    VA 22 TAB

    VA 23 Tetanus
    Now mainly given as DPT.

    VA 24 Typhoid killed organisms

    VA 25 Yellow Fever

    VA 26 Meningitis C
    First used in UK in clinical trials in 1994; vaccination programme started in 1999 in UK, and from 2000 in Eire.

    VA27 5-In-1 Vaccine
    (whooping cough, diphtheria, bacterial meningitis, tetanus and polio)
    Introduced into the UK in October 2004.

    VA28 Pneumococcal/ Prevenar
    Protective against meningitis, septicaemia, ear infections and pneumonia. Introduced 2000 in US, 2002 in Canada, 2005 in Australia and 2006 in UK; given to children under 5.

    VA29 Cervarix/ HPV Vaccine (Cervical Cancer Vaccination)
    Protects against HPV types 16 and 18, but no others. Used in a national immunisation programme in the UK from September 2008.

    VA30 Gardasil / HPV Vaccine (Cervical Cancer Vaccination)
    Licensed in over 75 countries, including Britain. It works against HPV types 16, 18, 6 and 11.

    VA31 H1N1 / Swine Flu
    Vaccination first used in 2009.
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