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The energy patterns of caffeine, lactose, sorbitol, pectin, vanillin, titanium dioxide, guar gum, gum acacia, xanthan gum, etc. For use by energy healers as well as BICOM, kinesiology and other complementary health practitioners.

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  • FEB 32 Caffeine
    Soft drinks, sports drinks, tea, coffee, cola drinks, pain relief drugs, tonics.

    FEB 33 Dimethyl Dicarbonate
    Soft drinks.

    FEB 34 Lactose
    Cow’s milk, goats milk, sheep’s milk, packet sauce, chocolate, antacid preparations.
    In milk of all animals; some people are lactose intolerant.

    FEB 35 Vanillin
    Flavouring in chocolate, cakes, desserts, yoghurt, perfume. From coniferyl alcohol.

    FEB 36 Wood Distillate
    Flavouring giving smokey flavour.

    FEB 37 E100 / Curcumin
    Colour used in ice cream, confectionery, margarine.
    From turmeric using methanol, hexane and acetone.

    FEB 38 E171 / Titanium Dioxide
    Colour found in confectionery, toothpaste, sunscreen, gelatine capsules for nutritional supplements, lipstick, foundation, mascara, paint pigment, printing ink, filler for paper and plastics.

    FEB 39 E222 / Sodium Hydrogen Sulphite / Sodium Hydrogen Sulfite
    Preservative found in instant potato, etc.

    FEB 40 E250 / Sodium Nitrite
    Preservative found in tinned meat products.
    Also dyestuffs and corrosion inhibitor in industry.

    FEB 41 E260 / Acetic Acid
    Acidity regulator found in chutney, cakes, cough tincture, rheumatic liniment, antiseptic skin applications, wart and corn ointment, fumes from silicone sealants curing.
    Occurs naturally in plant and animal tissues and is involved in fatty acid and carbohydrate metabolism.

    FEB 42 E270 / Lactic Acid
    Acidulant found in meat extracts, pickled onions, margarine, cheese & onion roll, cleansing lotion, toning lotion, eye gel, shampoo, pre-shave lotion, vaginal douches, wart treatments, sports drinks, a chemical intermediate, in textile finishing and in leather tanning, manufacture of a bread additive.
    Occurs naturally in muscles during periods of physical exertion.

    FEB 43 E300 / Ascorbic Acid / Vitamin C
    Antioxidant found in instant potato, soft drinks, mustard, bread.
    Usually chemically synthesised using glucose as the starting point.

    FEB 44 E322 / Lecithin
    Antioxidant/ emulsifier used in cakes, confectionery, gravy granules, cakes, margarine, cereal bars, instant powdered products.
    From eggs, vegetables and soya.

    FEB 45 E338 / Phosphoric Acid
    Acidulant used in soft drinks and as a rust remover.

    FEB 46 E400 / Alginic Acid
    Stabiliser used in ice cream, cheese, milk shakes, salad dressings, coating for fish and meat, stabilise fruit juice and foam on beer, medicines, dressing on textiles.
    From seaweed.

    FEB 47 E401 / Sodium Alginate
    Stabiliser used in cakes, ice cream, cereal bars, stabilise fruit juice and foam on beer.

    FEB 48 E407 / Carrageenan
    Stabiliser used in salad dressings, ice cream, cakes, toothpaste, shaving cream.

    FEB 49 E410 / Locust Bean Gum/ Carob Gum
    Stabiliser used in ice cream, soft cheese, sausages.

    FEB 50 E412 / Guar Gum
    Ice cream, salad cream, mayonnaise, milk shakes.

    FEB 51 E414 / Gum Acacia
    Stabiliser used in soft drinks, emulsifying and suspending agent in drugs, manufacture of plasters, as an adhesive.
    From the acacia tree.

    FEB 52 E415 / Xanthan Gum
    Stabiliser used in soft drinks, mustard, salad dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, confectionery, hot chocolate drinks, cereal bars, moisturiser, cleansing lotion, foundation, toothpaste.

    FEB 53 E420(i) / Sorbitol
    Sweetener used in drugs, medicinal syrups and cough mixtures, low-calorie foods, toothpaste, manufacture of ascorbic acid, various surface active agents, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, adhesives, polyurethane foams, etc. Naturally present in rowan berries.

    FEB 54 E440(a) / Pectin
    Stabiliser used in jam, jellies, biscuits, yoghurt, frozen desserts, salad dressings, dental adhesives, diarrhoea preparations, cosmetics. From rind of citrus fruits and apples; naturally present in all plants.

    FEB 55 E491 / Sorbitan Monostearate
    Emulsifier used in dried yeast, cakes, desserts, liquid tea concentrates.

    FEB 56 E903 / Carnauba Wax
    Confectionery, furniture polish and varnish, mascara.

    Life-Work Potential product code: 8024
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