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Bailey Flower Essences

Arthur Bailey began making flower essences in 1967, and over the years his range of Bailey Flower Essences were developed particularly to deal with attitudes of mind and old conditioned patterns. These conditioned patterns can seriously disempower us and have a very negative effect on our minds. The series of essences has steadily expanded and it now covers many areas to do with personal growth, liberation and "blossoming".

Their range of Acupuncture Essences is aimed at practitioners who use Five elements theory in their practice and they are a powerful tool for change and support between treatments.

The initial inspiration for the Bailey essences was the work of Dr Bach, but they are not produced in quite the same way. They are usually made by floating the flowers in a bowl of spring water in full sunlight for several hours (Sun method). This "Mother Tincture" is then diluted in an alcohol preservative to make the bottled essences. Dr Bach's boiling method has been replaced with alcohol extraction, which gives a more rounded quality to the essences. In this case, the essences are floated in alcohol for 15 minutes (apart from Pine Cones which are left for several hours).