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Meditation Spray

Meditation Spray

To create peace and harmony for deep relaxation meditation, and to develop intuitive insight during meditation.
A blend of flower essences and essential oils designed to aid meditation. Spray into the space where you plan to meditate to create peace and harmony and clear the way for you to enter more deeply into meditation. The bottle is 60ml.
115 Ft/ml.
6 335 Ft
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    Almond (Prunus dulcis)
    The supportive inner teacher, the guide. Forms links with our soul and encourages intuition.

    Apricot Poppy (Prunus dulcis)
    Taps into our hidden wisdom encouraging us to embrace change with joy.

    Fuji Cherry (Prunus incisa)
    Helps us to relax and take life less seriously. The key essence for personal tranquillity.

    Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum verticillatum)
    For the busy mind. This remedy helps bring quietness and detachment.

    Speedwell (Veronica persica)
    Increases powers of insight, whilst preventing us from becoming emotionally entangled with what we perceive.

    White Lotus (Nymphaea alba)
    For bringing peace and unification to body, mind, spirit and soul.


    To help bring one into balance. Lavender has a cleansing and refreshing action. It is soothing and anti-inflammatory for the body and mind and has a calming effect which aids relaxation.

    Soothes and calms the mind and spirit. This in turn encourages the slowing down and deepening of the breath which is so crucial for meditation. Frankincense also calms anxiety linked to the past, enabling us to focus on the present moment.

    For deep relaxation. Sandalwood calms and harmonises the mind and so reduces tension and confusion.
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