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Amaryllis Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Amaryllis Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft

Amaryllis Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Hippeastrum "Piquant" - 10ml
Gives the strength to speak from the heart with clarity and compassion.
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft
Amaryllis was made a few days after Arthur died, on the morning of his memorial service, by myself. Chris wanted to speak at Arthur’s service, but wasn’t sure she could get through without her emotions stopping her from speaking. The Amaryllis flowered in the last few days of Arthur’s life, and then flowered again just after he died. I had a dream that the flower would be right for Chris, and so Amaryllis was made.My feeling is that it is a hybrid – the last of Arthur’s essences and the first of my own, joined together somehow.
Amaryllis holds people with its loving strength, supporting them and lending them it’s great love and uprightness.
When we speak clearly, with compassion, and from the heart, we do not give the other person any hooks on which to attach their own emotions. If we present our point with anger, the other person may well mirror this and be angry and uncooperative back. If we present our point from a position of fear, the other person can sense this, and may well go on the attack - such is human nature.
Amaryllis means that people can stand straight and say what needs to be said from the heart, without being crushed or crumbled by the emotion that often springs up unbidden.
Amaryllis is, because of this, a great essence for people who need to speak in public, but are worried about doing so. When Chris took Amaryllis, several people in the church saw/felt a strong presence standing just behind Chris. She herself felt as though there someone supported her physically with a hand at her back.
Amaryllis stands straight and tall on a thick smooth stem. The flowers are hugely feminine with large floaty petals in a soft peach colour. The petals are so soft, you feel you could wrap yourself in them and they would bring safe gentle comfort. This essence supports us in a gentle way, whilst also being deeply grounding and strong.
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