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Apricot Poppy Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Papaver postii - 10ml
Brings beauty to barren areas of our lives. Its soft quiet persistence is what we need to survive upheaval and trauma.

Apricot Poppy is a component of Dependency.
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This little apricot poppy grows at altitude in Cyprus in stony ground where little else is able to survive. It is an annual, relying its seeds to maintain the next generation of plants. Rather like its enigmatic presence in the mountains, interpreting the energies of this flower proved to be extraordinarily difficult.
It is like a beautiful yet insubstantial wraith, affecting us deeply but in a way that we may be unable to comprehend logically. Apricot Poppy is a very “soft” essence, working its magic in hidden places of the body and the mind.
It opens the door so that we may access the unlearned wisdom of the intuitive mind. In the East this is called the Dharmakaya - Pure Clear Mind.
If we can be inspired by this simple unassuming flower and bow to its influence, it can totally change our life. It is a flower that beckons us on, encouraging us forwards, away from stagnation. In just the same way that the bells spoke to Dick Whittington “Turn again Whittington, Lord Mayor of London”, this insubstantial poppy whispers to us the messages that we so much need to hear.
It encourages us to keep going forwards in our life, embracing change and knowledge with joy rather than dread.
Because of its energising properties it forms a useful addition to the action of other essences, subtly enhancing their actions by its inspired promptings.
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