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Bistort Bailey flower essence 10ml.

To provide loving support at times of major change in our lives - 10ml
Polygonum bistorta

Bistort is also in Transition and Metal Deficient.
443 Ft/ml.
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Bistort helps those who are at a major change-point in their lives, where old ways of relating to the world are under pressure from new and more relevant ones.
At times of severe personal crisis people may arrive at a point where they suffer from a “nervous breakdown”. They are being mentally challenged and their old ways of being are no longer working for them. Maybe they need to be able to come up-front and assert themselves. Bistort can help to convert a possible breakdown into a “breakthrough”.
It also helps to awaken love and self-protection at times of major emotional upheaval.
For many people, these times of personal crisis are very traumatic, often giving rise to negativity and depression. “Why should this happen to me?” is the cry that is often expressed. This negativity can be self-destructive as people progressively withdraw from sources of possible help, even becoming suicidal.
Bistort helps to provide an inner scaffolding that maintains the basic structure of the personality and provides loving support during the processes of change.
It is important to give positive encouragement to people undergoing traumatic changes in their lives. These times are like the pain of giving birth - in this case it is the possible birth of a new and more positive way of living.
This essence can be very empowering, helping people to develop the internal resolve and power needed to rise above their difficulties.
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