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Flame Azalea Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Helps us to regain our vital life force and sense of community after major changes in life - 10ml
Rhododendron calendulaceum
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Powerful evocative flower of early Spring. The colour of the blossom mirrors the energy of renewal, of a powerful reawakening. It is as if the flower reminds the woods that a new time is dawning, a time for new visions and new horizons. The beautiful perfume reminds us that our life is to be freely shared with others in just the way that the azalea perfume is freely given for the delight of others.
This flower reminds us that to work with others, in whatever way feels the most suitable for us, is a major part of what this life is all about. Man is a social animal and although everyone needs times of solitude, equally we fail to reach our full development if we isolate ourselves from others.
On the windswept Isle of Gigha the flame azalea blossoms spectacularly because it is protected by surrounding woods. It also flowers just after the bracket fungus Conifer Mazegill reaches its peak.
The message of this flower is that of renewal with radiant energy and power. Whenever we face an uncertain future and doubt our ability to cope with what life is bringing to us, this is the essence of choice. It helps us to regain our vital life force and to cooperate lovingly with others bringing with it a sense of loving purpose.
Flame Azalea is particularly suitable for use when someone has had a major irrevocable change in their life, bereavement, disaster, whatever. It can, with advantage, be given with Conifer Mazegill, helping the person to energise their new and totally changed life direction.
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