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Fuji Cherry Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Fuji Cherry Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft

Fuji Cherry Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Helps us to relax and take life less seriously. The key essence for personal tranquillity - 10ml
Prunus incisa
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft
Fuji Cherry is also a component of Tranquility and Water Excess.
Fuji Cherry is the key essence for developing a calm and quiet mind.
There is a close link between mind and body tensions. A tense mind creates a tense body and the resulting pattern of body tensions will reinforce this tense attitude. We need something that will help the mind to quieten whilst preventing the body tensions from pushing us back into the tense mind situation.
Fuji Cherry encourages the mind to relax, bringing in a sense of calm and detachment to replace previous worries and difficulties. As the emotional temperature is reduced, so are the stresses on the body, in turn reducing the reinforcing stresses on the mind. This enables us to see the problems that have stressed us in a calmer and more detached light which allows us to see how to adjust our life so that we are no longer dominated by the situations around us.
Fuji Cherry is invaluable in helping us to detach from the rat race of the mind, and if necessary may also help us to detach ourselves from the physical rat races that might be causing us so much distress.
This is the key essence for developing a quiet reflective mind.
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