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Grounding  Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Grounding Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft 
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Grounding Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Keeps one firmly grounded in the present and stops the feeling of being spaced out - 10ml

Composite essence of Early Purple Orchid, Ivy, Mediterranean Sage, Star of Bethlehem.
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft 
3 990 Ft
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Sometimes we lose our connection to the earth and feel spaced out. We need to be firmly grounded in the present. This essence is an excellent one to carry when travelling (especially in any moving vehicle). It is also excellent for practitioners who can use it with patients who become disoriented during treatment.

EARLY PURPLE ORCHID (Orchid mascula)
Early Purple Orchid opens up our energies. When something unusual happens to us, the bodies natural defence is to close off and Early Purple Orchid.unblocks energy centres in the body whilst protecting any vulnerable spaces so created.

IVY (Hedera helix)
Ivy is to help us remain grounded and at ease. To resist the negative effects of what has happened we need to be solidly rooted in the present moment, tenaciously holding on to life. For this Ivy is an excellent remedy.

MEDITERRANEAN SAGE (Salvia fruticosa)
Mediterranean Sage is the remedy for earthing encouraging the qualities of warmth, comfort and quiet wisdom.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM (Ornithogalum arabica)
The emotional kick-back from sudden shock can have a devastating effect on our whole system, even causing us to faint. Star of Bethlehem works to cancel this immediate shock reaction, helping us to become more detached from what has actually happened.

Made with vodka water mix.

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