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Heath Bedstraw Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Heath Bedstraw Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft

Heath Bedstraw Bailey flower essence 10ml.

For helping us to find inner stillness and the peace of tranquil meditation states - 10ml
Galium saxatile

Heath Bedstraw is a component of Tranquility and Fire Deficient.
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft
Heath Bedstraw supports us as we let go of our tensions and find new and better ways of living.
Personal change is usually challenging as many of our concepts and beliefs are put to the test and often found to be wanting. Needless to say, the stresses so caused may be enough to make us want to go back to our previous way of living - stressful though it may have been.
This is a problem that many people who embark on a spiritual path find difficulty with - how to change their way of being without feeling overwhelmed by it.
Heath Bedstraw, as its name suggests, grows on moors and fells and similar wild places. The essence made from the tiny white flower helps to underpin and support us as we change.
We are used to our habitual tensions with their consequent anxieties. As we embark on a new path in life we can feel very vulnerable as our circumstances change. Strangely enough, this can be due to either new stresses or a reduction in stress. Either way we can feel threatened and disoriented.
Heath Bedstraw helps us to relax and supports us in such times of major change in our life. It is often very helpful when given as a support to other essences that are actively promoting change.
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