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Magnolia Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Magnolia Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft

Magnolia Bailey flower essence 10ml.

For unconditional love. This essence helps to bring and awaken within us the energies of love and compassion - 10ml
Magnolia x loebneri "Leonard Messel"

Magnolia is also a component of Fire Excess.
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft
This Magnolia essence is concerned with our heart centre. It is associated with the double-edged sword of love and compassion.
Unconditional love is not necessarily pleasant; it has nothing of the sentimental aspects that so often pass for love. Indeed, it can be very disturbing to be on the receiving end of its attentions! It will not let us go, however much we try to avoid it.
The Magnolia essence mirrors that love: like a bird it soars, knowing no boundaries, only vast open spaces with infinite possibilities. It relates to deep meditation states where the ego self no longer exists. The power and possibilities of such love are awe-inspiring.
The message of Magnolia is simple. Surrender to love. Surrender to your own inner wisdom which knows no limits. Accept that battles will result from the rearguard action of old beliefs, but remember that these battles are for your own personal freedom.
Magnolia shows that true love does, indeed, conquer all. It allows us to let go of our shadow existence and grasp the nettle of reality. Magnolia helps us to go forward into those expanded realms with courage and fortitude.
It mirrors man's deep desire for new and superior ways of living. It presents us with challenges, but also with the ways of meeting those challenges.
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