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Ragwort Bailey flower essence 10ml.

To break the power of obsessive thoughts that keep on endlessly looping round and round - 10ml
Senecio jacobaea

Ragwort is also a component of Obsession and Metal Deficient.
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Ragwort helps us to tackle problems at their roots. It interrupts the endless looping thoughts that otherwise tend to feed on themselves.
Obsession is caused by a feedback system that has become unstable. Our thoughts try to find answers to our difficulties, but the effort always leads back to the beginning, where we start the same process all over again. It is as if we are playing a game of snakes and ladders where all the last six squares have a snake that takes us back to the beginning!
Ragwort has two properties that can help us. First it works to remove the emotional kick that we get from obsessive thoughts. Often it is the emotion that keeps the thoughts running.
Second, it is a strong tough plant. That quality of strength can support us in the change period whilst we readjust to having a much quieter mind.
It may seem surprising, but a quiet mind can feel quite alien and distressing when we have become accustomed to the constant mind chatter of obsessive thoughts. We need to learn how to manage without a constant emotional stimulus and Ragwort can be very useful in enabling that change to take place with the minimum of difficulty.
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