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Thrift Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Thrift Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft

Thrift Bailey flower essence 10ml.

For helping to open up to psychic sensitivity but keeping the person firmly grounded at the same time - 10 ml
Armeria maritima
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft
This essence is indicated for stabilisation of the psychic areas of insight. It is the essence for those whose psychic gifts are developing, but who need this development to be strongly "earthed".
As a tree cannot grow to maturity without firm roots, so we must be strongly rooted in ordinary everyday life before it is safe to open up to other aspects of reality.
People tend to go "over the top" in the psychic areas and become very emotionally involved in beliefs and concepts. Thrift stabilises them so that the psychic gifts can develop in balance with other aspects of the personality.
These gifts will then be seen as neither more nor less "spiritual" than those in any other area. For many, this earthing is very necessary. Opening up to psychic areas without sufficient grounding can easily give rise to deep fears or other forms of vulnerability.
Thrift helps to establish a strong, safe base for our inner development. This essence can be very helpful to those who work as healers or teachers and who find that they tend to take on the symptoms of their clients.
In chakra terms, this essence relates to stabilising the energy flows between the Brow and Root centres.
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