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Trailing St John’s Wort Bailey flower essence 10ml.
Trailing St John’s Wort Bailey flower essence 10ml.
4 435 Ft

Trailing St John’s Wort Bailey flower essence 10ml.

For helping us when our life has been irrevocably changed - 10ml
Hypericum humifusum

Trailing St John's Wort is a component of Grief.
443 Ft/ml.
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4 435 Ft
Trailing St John's Wort is for healing, particularly where there is the emotional tension and desperation that are so often a part of grieving.
This tiny flower helps us to relax and distance ourselves from emotional trauma. When there has been a sudden shock in our life, such as that caused by bereavement, we need healing support (the word healing means to make whole again).
When someone or something we love or value deeply has been taken from us we need gentle loving support, helping us to accept the changes that have been forced on us.
Trailing St John's Wort works gently but powerfully to ease the situation that is causing us so much grief. It helps us to rebalance and to see that there is a way forward, a way that is far brighter than we might believe while we are immersed in the depths of our despair.
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