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Yin/Yang Balancer Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Yin/Yang Balancer Bailey flower essence 10ml.

Balances the essential male and female, Yin/Yang qualities within each person.
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  • The concepts of Yin and Yang loosely equate to feminine and masculine, soft and hard, shadow and light, left and right, etc. Yin is primarily receptive and intuitive whilst Yang is primarily outgoing and logical. Yin/yang balancer helps to balance and stabilise these qualities bringing harmony and dynamic stillness to the being.

    DELPHINIUM (Delphinium consolida)
    Delphinium helps us to open up to the full depths and mysteries of our intuitive wisdom, even though the ego knows that its very existence is threatened by this.

    HONESTY (Lunaria annua)Where Yin has been blocked, there are often difficulties due to fears and other subversive energies. Honesty helps us to become more open and receptive.

    LARCH (Larix decidua)
    Larch epitomises the essence of Yin helping us to develop the intuitive side of our nature whilst not allowing logic to overcome this intuitive wisdom.

    NASTURTIUM (Tropaeolum majus)
    Nasturtium is a catalyst for Yin/Yang balance changes. Many people have difficulty in maintaining an easy dynamic balance between Yin and Yang. Nasturtium helps to energise freedom of movement.

    RED CLOVER (Trifolium pratense)
    Red Clover helps the dominant Yang energies become sensitive to the support which is available from the Yin side of our nature.

    SIBERIAN SPRUCE (Picea omorika)
    Siberian Spruce mirrors the outgoing and assertive characteristics that are needed if we are to find and succeed in following our true path in the world.

    Made with vodka water mix.
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