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Spirit of Life orchid combination essence
Spirit of Life orchid combination essence
4 990 Ft

Spirit of Life orchid combination essence

Contains: Furnace of Life, Fire of Life
333 Ft/ml.
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4 990 Ft
There is a sense with Spirit of Life that this combination was the reason its two component essences (Furnace of Life and Fire of Life) were brought into being. In part this essence helps to clear 'tribal' blocks and ancestral patterns in the first and second chakras, helping one to become more centered within oneself. Much of the rest of the action of this essence is best described in relation to the Ming Men point. In Chinese Medicine there is a point situated between the Kidneys called Ming Men (translated as 'The Gate of Destiny'). This key point is the major 'gateway' for the infusion of all physiological dualities in a way that supports life and fuels the process of evolution. If we fail to accept life as an opportunity to cultivate virtue, or attribute disempowering meanings to challenging or painful circumstances, then the fires of Ming Men will be severely diminished and life will be governed not by highest universal intentions, but by self generated belief systems. This smothering of the Ming Men point leads to further polarised dualities within one's subtle energy system, which in turn will create further painful challenges within the body and psyche. Spirit of Life helps to clear the mist from the lens of perception of the observer even more fully than Furnace of Life, and so more readily enabling the truth of any given situation to reveal itself effortlessly. Spirit of Life is therefore the combination of two remarkable essences, which embody the highest universal male and female energies; and it fulfills their potential as spiritual enablers. Spirit of Life produces a calm certainty in relation to the inner path of the soul; this trio of essences has great potential for enhancing the human soul's journey into light.
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