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Spirit Path 3
Spirit Path 3
4 990 Ft

Spirit Path 3

Spirit Path 3
Spirit Path 3
Combination of Pushing back the Night, Seeds from Time, Shadow Facing, Vital Light
333 Ft/ml.
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4 990 Ft
The three essence combinations Spirit Path 1, 2 and 3 address different levels of discrepancies in the “Sheng cycle” of the meridian system, in which each element supports and brings forth the other, which can be individually addressed with one of the three.

In order to achieve a complete balance in difficult cases, the following combined intake sequence could be helpful:
Day 1 - Spirit Path 1 + Spirit Path 2
Day 2 - Spirit Path 3
In this alternation for 21 days.

It is best to test the number of drops and when to take them individually.
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