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Gratitude Gold Series Indigo Essence
  • Gratitude Gold Series Indigo Essence

Gratitude Gold Series Indigo Essence

Gratitude is part of the Gold Series and was made in
the Summer of 2014 with the energies of Anemone x
hybrida 'Honorine Jobert', a very beautiful Japanese

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  • The energy of feeling gratitude raises our vibration and is an important tool on days when
    we feel fearful or depressed. The law of attraction pertains to our thoughts just as much as
    it does to manifestations of material things. So if you feel depressed, the law of attraction
    will attract more thoughts of depression to your field, thus lowering your vibration and
    leading to a downward spiral of negativity. This has always been the case, however, as we
    move into higher vibrational states, this law of magnetism or attraction will work much
    more quickly than before until we reach the point where we instantly magnetize feelings
    and situations according to our vibrations. This is why it is more important now than
    every before to keep re-calibrating our vibration upwards.

    The easiest way to raise our vibration is to find something to focus on that brings joy and
    then to feel gratitude for that source of joy. This is exactly what the essence Gratitude
    does. The beautiful Japanese Anemone flowers rise high above their dark leaves, nodding
    joyfully in the breeze. Looking at them, you can't help but feel grateful, even on the
    darkest days, these flowers bring joy.

    Sit with Gratitude when you feel down and within minutes you will feel a lightness
    coming into your being. This lightness will attract more of the same and in this way, you
    can raise your vibration.

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