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5 450 Ft


For children who are

• very edgy and jumpy
• easily distracted
• very sensitive to noise
• very sensitive to geopathic stresses

A lot children these days feel very uncomfortable in their body so it’s difficult for them to be in school, where they have to sit still for long periods of time.
This essence was designed to help children ground themselves and feel comfortable in their skin.
Settle can help children who are hyperactive to calm down. In this case I recommend that you use it topically. Put some plain base cream into the palm of your hand, add drops of Settle and massage the child with this mixture.
Settle is a great essence to help a child to settle down to sleep at night. Settle helps a child who is very agitated at sleep time, who is tossing and turning and can’t just let go of the day.
Just put some cream in your hand with maybe a drop of lavender oil and then massage the the child with this mixture. The combination of the essence, the lavender essential oil and the massage all contribute to calming the child and getting them ready for sleep.
Settle is also available in candle form. One woman said that they’d moved house and she had a huge dog, a Great Dane, who never settled into the new house. He wouldn’t lie down, was very upset and was always on the move. She came and got a Settle candle from us and brought it home and lit it. She said as soon as she lit the candle the dog just lay down.
Settle is a very good all round essence to help everybody to calm down and get grounded. Settle can be used in

• in the home
• a therapy room
• a classroom
• an office
363 Ft/ml.
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5 450 Ft
Please note the following :

There are TWO OPTIONS for this essence, one with preservative (alcohol) and one without.
The essences preserved WITH ALCOHOL are stock strength, this means they are designed to be further diluted, i.e. 3 drops from the stock bottle can be added to a 100ml bottle of water or a drink.
The essences bottled in DISTILLED WATER only should last several years if treated carefully. We have essences here that were bottled in water over ten years ago and they're still fine. Store your essences in a cool, dark place. Never touch the pipette and absolutely never drop the essences into the mouth directly from the pipette, instead add drops from the bottle to a glass or small bottle of water and sip as required. Please use your common sense and stop taking the essence if you notice the water has got lumps in it.


Option with preservative:
Distilled water, vodka (Abv.20%) and the following essences in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.

Option without preservative :
Distilled water and the following essences in a 15ml/1/2oz dropper bottle with tamper evident dropper top.

Hematite - to help the child to ground and feel protected
Isis - to help the child feel balanced
Kyanite - to help the child focus and gather their energy together
Hiddenite kunzite - to help the child feel safe and joyful
Pyrite - to protect the child and shield them from unwanted energy
Diamond light - to connect the child with a higher perspective
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