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Food, Pulses Test Kit
  • Food, Pulses Test Kit

Food, Pulses Test Kit

16 beans/pulses plus soya bean (in two forms) plus a mixed vial containing all of them. 19 vials
14 300 Ft
Discount: 11 440 Ft
Begin: 22/02/2022   While stocks last!
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  • Azuki/Adzuki Bean
    Black Eyed Bean
    Black Turtle Bean
    Brown Bean
    Butter Bean
    Cannelleni Bean
    Chana Dal
    Flageolet Bean
    Haricot Bean
    Kidney Bean / Red Bean
    Lentil: Brown Whole
    Lima Bean
    Mung Bean
    Pigeon Pea / Gungo Pea / Cajan
    Pinto Beans
    Soya Bean, Flour
    Soya Bean, Organic
    Mixed vial containing all of these

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