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  • FEA 1 E102 Tartrazine / FD & C Yellow No 5 / Food Yellow 4 / CI 19140
    Typical products: soft drinks, ice cream, confectionery, fish fingers, cakes, biscuits, perfume, shampoo, skin care products and cosmetics.

    FEA 2 E104 Quinoline Yellow/ Food Yellow 13 /CI 470005
    Typical products: confectionery, soft drinks.

    FEA 3 E110 Sunset Yellow / Orange Yellow 5 / FD & C Yellow No. 6 / Food Yellow 3 / CI 15985
    Typical products: confectionery, yoghurts, packet bread crumbs, jam.

    FEA 4 E122 Carmosine / Azorubine / Food Red 3 / CI 14720
    Typical products: confectionery, yoghurts, ices.

    FEA 5 E123 Amaranth / FD & C Red 2 / Food Red 9 / CI 16185
    Typical products: confectionery.

    FEA 6 E124 Ponceau 4R / Cochineal Red / Food Red 7 / CI 16255

    Typical products: confectionery.

    FEA 7 E127 Erythrosine / FD & C Red 3 / Food Red 14 / CI 45430
    Typical products: glacé cherries, custard mix, tinned meat.

    FEA 8 E128 Red 2G
    Typical products: sausages, jams.

    FEA 9 E131 Patent Blue V / Food Blue 5 / CI 42051
    Typical products: scotch eggs.

    FEA 10 E132 Indigo Carmine / Indigotine / FD & C Blue No 2 / Food Blue 1 / CI 73015
    Typical products: confectionery.

    FEA 11 E133 Brilliant Blue FCF / FD & C Blue No 1 / CI 42090
    Typical products: confectionery, tinned processed peas, perfume and cosmetics.

    FEA 12 E142 Green S / Acid Brilliant Green BS / Lissamine Green / Food Green 4 /CI 44090
    Typical products: confectionery, tinned peas, packet bread crumbs, mint jelly.

    FEA 13 E151 Black PN / Brilliant Black BN / Food Black 1 / CI 28440
    Typical products: black currant cheese cake, brown sauce, chocolate mousse.

    FEA 14 E154 Brown FK / Chocolate Brown FK
    Typical products: kippers, smoked mackerel, crisps, cooked ham.

    FEA 15 E155 Brown HT / Chocolate Brown HT / CI 20285
    Typical products: chocolate flavour cakes.

    FEA 16 E160a Beta-Carotene
    Typical products: tinned soup, soft drinks, salad cream, mayonnaise, ice cream, margarine.

    FEA 17 E202 Potassium Sorbate
    Typical products: soft drinks, cakes, ready prepared sandwiches, wine.

    FEA 18 E210 Benzoic Acid
    Typical products: jam, beer, salad cream, margarine, manufacture of sodium benzoate, alkyd resins, plasticizers, dyestuffs pharmaceuticals.

    FEA 19 E211 Sodium Benzoate
    Typical products: soft drinks, salad dressing, barbecue sauce, body wash, shampoo, mouth wash.

    FEA 20 E223 Sodium Metabisulphate
    Typical products:lemon juice, pickles, orange squash, carton salad, alcohol, home brewing and wine making.

    FEA 21 E296 Malic Acid
    Typical products: soft drinks, cereal bars, fruit pie fillings.

    FEA 22 E320 Butylated Hydroxyanisole/ BHA
    Typical products: confectionery, stock cubes, mayonnaise, mascara.

    FEA 23 E321 Butylated Hydroxytoluene/ BHT
    Typical products: body wash, face wash cream, perfume, blusher, mascara, shaving cream, after shave.

    FEA 24 E330 Citric Acid
    Typical products: soft drinks, instant potato, jams, jellies, mustard, confectionery, yoghurt, cereal bars, cheese & onion rolls, hair conditioner, shampoo, body wash, baby bath, cleanser, foundation, after shave, cough mixtures, cough lozenges, descaling cleaners.

    FEA 25 E331 Sodium Citrate
    Typical products: jams, jellies, soft drinks, confectionery, shampoo.

    FEA 26 E334 Tartaric Acid
    Typical products: cakes, baking powder, jams.

    FEA 27 E466 Sodium Carboxy Methylcellulose
    Typical products: ice cream, cakes, puddings, soft drinks, toothpaste, suspending and dispersing agent in drugs.

    FEA 28 E500 Sodium Bicarbonate
    Typical products: biscuits, cakes, antacids.

    FEA 29 E621 Monosodium Glutamate
    Typical products: processed meat products, gravy powder, stock cubes, tinned soup, packet sauce, crisps

    FEA 30 E951 Aspartame
    Typical products: fruit squash, fizzy drinks, low-calorie foods.

    FEA 31 E954 Saccharin
    Typical products: fruit squash, fizzy drinks, low-calorie foods, pot noodles, toothpaste.

    Life-Work Potential product code: 8023
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