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Shield of Light
Shield of Light
6 590 Ft

Shield of Light

A major essence for protection against dark energies. It is formulated to enable the aura to become reflective like a mirror, so that such energies do not penetrate the aura, and are instead transmuted, and reflected away and up to highest Source. It also brings courage, and helps to restore confidence and optimism even when surrounded by great challenges.
132 Ft/ml.
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6 590 Ft
Shake before using. Spray above & around head & body. Do not spray in eyes. For external use only.

Water, alcohol, rose otto, geranium, lavender & black pepper; etheric infusions of Phrag. schlimii, Phrag. Desormes, Scaph. bicristatum, Pleuro. truncata, fluorite, Pleuro. phalangifera, Bulbo. frostii, Cycnodes Wine Delight, Skutterudite & Phrag. Cina Dragon.
No orchid was harmed to make this product.
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