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Orchid Crystal Element

Orchid Crystal Element

Phragmipedium besseae & Calcite.

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  • Our Orchid Element series is now complete, with a 7th essence made in the past week: Orchid Crystal Element. This essence was made with an orange Calcite, and a yellow form of Phragmipedium besseae. Acting to strengthen the 3rd chakra, this essence made us realise that our Element Series was also creating a bridge between the Chakra system and the TCM concept of the 5 Elements.

    Adrian was up half the night the other night figuring that one out, after this orchid had quietly but persistently presented itself as a candidate for a new essence. Its voice was only to be found in linking with this beautiful orange Calcite which I had bought many years ago. But now we have 7 Element Essences, corresponding to the 7 main chakras; and each of these also has a correspondence to the 5 Element theory.

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