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Defender from the Dark
  • Defender from the Dark
  • Defender from the Dark

Defender from the Dark

Pleurothallis phalangifera
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  • In response to a perceived global energetic challenge, this orchid called out to be made into an essence in early October 2010. The second part of the botanical name Pleurothallis phalangifera translates as "phalanx-bearing" meaning the orchid spike looks like it is carrying a small phalanx of soldiers. A dream-time image which came to Don repeatedly one night about this essence was of hundreds of elves with their bows on their shoulders, marshalling their forces, preparing for battle. And indeed the orchid looks reminiscent of that Tolkien-like image. There is a sense with this orchid that, while it knows the dark, it is not of the dark. Embodying deep goodness of being, it is nevertheless not naive about the threat posed at times by dark forces. There is an old adage in American football, that the "best defense is a good offense"; this essence provides both clearing of and protection from high levels of dark energies through its determined opposition to their intentions.

    An exceptional aspect of this essence is the fact that immediately upon making, it made clear to us that it wanted to be combined with several other essences. Rather than the one-size-fits-all approach, this essence wanted a mini-series of Defender combinations to come into being, to enable people to fine-tune the best type of protection they or a client might need. For fuller information, please see our Combinations page, or our new Defender Series page.
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