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Necklace of Beauty

Bulbophyllum longiflorum (Borneo)
333 Ft/ml.
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Necklace of Beauty essence has been made with a beautiful orchid from SE Asia called Bulbophyllum longiflorum (also called Cirrhopetalum longiflorum, or Cirrhopetalum umbellatum*; this particular form is found in Borneo). Necklace of Beauty brings an exquisite, beautiful and loving energy to the area above the higher heart chakra but below the throat chakra, enabling one to feel uplifted, loved and at peace. This essence honours one's inner beauty, and the light of one's true being.

This essence also prepares one for further important steps of one's inner journey, by enabling the ego or shadow side to relinquish its hold in one, so the soul can continue its journey into light. Necklace of Beauty appears to 'open the gate' for one to experience more fully the high consciousness of the new combination Spirit of Life (or its two components Fire of Life and Furnace of Life).

* There are differences of opinion regarding the correct nomenclature in the orchid-growing world. 'Cirrhopetalum' is a name for either a section of the Bulbophyllum genus, or a genus in its own right, depending on one's point of view.
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