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True Connections
True Connections
4 990 Ft

True Connections

Zygolum Rhein Harlequin, Zygonisia Blue Angel, Zygolum Louisendorf 'Rhein Moonlight'
333 Ft/ml.
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4 990 Ft
This is a unique essence. It was made with three different but closely related orchids, each set up with its own bowl of water, and with the bowls forming an equilateral triangle. These orchid hybrids are all part of the Zygopetalum group: Zygonisia Blue Angel; Zygolum Louisendorf 'Rhein Moonlight'; and Zygolum Rhein Harlequin. It is neither a single essence nor a combination in the traditional sense, as the 3 distinct essences were all blended in a 4th bowl as soon as they were finished. This particular manner of the making of True Connections has given it some very unusual and extraordinary properties. Crown of Serenity creates the energetic foundation needed to fully benefit from True Connections, and also Celestial Triangle builds upon that structure further. As we build the vitality of the higher chakras (the ones above the head) there are also further refinements and interconnections which are able to form or be brought into activity. True Connections has little impact in the body, reserving its action for the higher chakras. In so doing it helps us to connection to the "spiritual internet" of humanity, that area wherein we are all able to connect with one another at whatever distance we may be. This is not some airy-fairy notion. True Connections helps one to link with those people whom we need to connect with at this point, regardless of time and space. It enables us to know that there is a greater connection in humanity than we have been prepared to admit, and that at a higher spiritual level we are all a part of the greater universal consciousness of all beings.
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