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Voice of Courage
Voice of Courage
4 990 Ft

Voice of Courage

Stanhopea Havre des Pas
333 Ft/ml.
In stock
4 990 Ft
A major essence for healing deep levels of the solar plexus (3rd chakra), as well as energizing the throat chakra. Brings strength of courage as well as a renewed commitment to the soul's deep purpose in this life. The solar plexus is likely to take many 'hits' in the course of our life, and these minor and major impacts on the 3rd chakra can often remain buried deep within. Voice of Courage brings healing to the solar plexus at these deep levels, and by so doing, and despite being a very 'yang' essence, it also helps one's sleep to be deeper and longer. Made on the 4th/5th of July this year (2010), we will have more to say by way of its action in due course.
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