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Blue Angel
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Blue Angel

Vanda Gomalco's Blue Magic
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  • This beautiful essence helps us reconnect with the soul’s blueprint, and the origins of our soul. Blue Angel is a very reflective essence: it is akin to looking up from the bottom of a clear blue lake and seeing the light percolating into the depths of the water, as we look up to our origin. Blue Angel clears unwanted negative imprints in the lower chakras, enabling channels to open in the psyche, drawing our attention to aspects of the soul that we have forgotten. This process can stir into consciousness elements of the subconscious mind. Occasionally the essence can give rise to an intense anger at being reminded of our soul’s obligations on the journey, which we may have conveniently forgotten or resisted. This anger is a necessary response and is best not interfered with. It will usually pass within a few days, bringing in its place a profound longing to draw closer to our origins, and to fulfil our soul’s purpose in this incarnation. See also Coming Home which is about accepting the certainty of our existence; Redemption Dream which is about the nature of our contract; Shiva’s Crown which helps us to understand the journey of the soul in this body; and Revelation which helps us to see the full picture of the changes and steps we need to make in our journey forward. Blue Angel takes this theme further by awakening profound aspects of the soul which have been forgotten.
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