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Dragon Fire
Dragon Fire
4 990 Ft

Dragon Fire

Phragmipedium China Dragon

333 Ft/ml.
In stock
4 990 Ft

Dragon Fire brings the courage and the energy to embrace the power of spiritual transformation in one's life.

There is a relationship with Andean Fire, in that Andean Fire is primarily acting as a remedy, especially to heal ancient trauma. Dragon Fire on the other hand is an enhancer, and not primarily a remedy. In other words, Dragon Fire would not be taken in order to heal past wounds, but rather to bring someone who is well, onto another level of their soul's spiritual journey, to have the fire and the courage to bring about deep change from within the soul.

Dragon Fire was made with the orchid Phragmipedium China Dragon, which persisted in bloom for a truly exceptional 99 days, with the essence being made on the 77th day; and also the gemstones Fire Opal and Rhodonite. The gemstones help to bring the sheer power of the orchid into a grounded, safe expression.

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