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Higher Courage orchid essence
  • Higher Courage orchid essence

Higher Courage orchid essence

Healing & opening the heart chakra so that its native strength and courage are restored, this essence is also energetically paired with Andean Fire. If there is past-life trauma to address, use Andean Fire first for several days, and then follow it with Higher Courage, which takes the healing to higher levels of the aura’s structure.
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  • We need to point out that Phrag. Besseae has also been used to make Vital Core. However, Higher Courage was made during daylight hours, whereas Vital Core was made at night. The difference of the timing is crucial, as deeply different aspects of this beautiful and powerful orchid emerge accordingly. Vital Core is used to help heal and clear shadow aspects of the 2nd chakra. It is one of a trio of essences, which include Vital Clarity and also Vital Light. In this way one can see that there are major differences between this trio and Higher Courage, sufficient to say that there is no direct energetic connection between the Vital trio and Higher Courage – despite the same specie of orchid being used. Over the years we have found that the day/night and light/dark topic is pertinent with all essence-making, but especially so with the orchids. For example Shadow Warrior is an essence made at night, but the making must start at dusk, and not later. Vital Core on the other hand is made entirely at night in the dark, as is Vital Clarity and Vital Light. This day/night distinction is a significant and substantial topic, which we will discuss elsewhere.

    Phragmipedium besseae is a native of Peru, and was only discovered in 1981.
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