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Soul's Grief Release  -  Stock Stength
  • Soul's Grief Release  -  Stock Stength

Soul's Grief Release - Stock Stength

Pleurothallis triptanthera
259 Ft/ml.
4 990 Ft
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  • This is a profound and very significant essence to heal and release deeply-held sorrow of the soul. Many people carry a sense of abiding sadness in their heart through their lives, a sorrow that has no clear source. This is sorrow that has most likely accumulated over many lifetimes, and is difficult to release. It can carry in itself a sense that this sadness is the hidden reality of the soul and of Being in general. If someone holds this deep sorrow, then Soul's Grief Release will first bring that sadness to be far more fully present for some hours, or even a day or two. Gradually the sorrow is dissolved and released, and as the days pass the heart opens to a new possibility, a deeper reality in which it may be open to receive the joy of Angelic song.
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