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Clarity of Spirit
Clarity of Spirit
4 990 Ft

Clarity of Spirit

Phragmipedium Eumelia Arias & Spectrolite / Labradorite
333 Ft/ml.
In stock
4 990 Ft
Clarity of Spirit was made with two specimens of this orchid hybrid, and a beautifully vibrant piece of spectrolite. The energy of the two orchids only came into focus when they were situated next to each other, as they had been while growing over several months in the greenhouse. Their ‘story’ was deeply enhanced by the presence of the spectrolite in the bowl. This essence acts deeply and swiftly to dispel shadow energy from the psyche, in a unique manner.
The essence begins its action well below our ‘normal’ 7 chakras, at the -4th chakra, which is part of what may be called a ‘lower reflection series’ of energy centres. It then anchors in the Root Chakra but does not act on that chakra, before going up to the 3rd chakra. Here it splits into two vortices which pass around the energy torus of the heart’s pump, ascending beyond the 21st chakra, up to the timelessness beyond the stars. In that higher space they merge, and descend as a single vortex into the Heart Chakra. It is here that one will first feel its action, as it brings mental and emotional clarity and focus which is nevertheless connected to one’s higher self.
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