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Strengthens and supports the unique balance required by the mouth for operating efficiently.

From Machaelle Wright:

When I think about the human mouth, two images come to mind. When I think about the mouth as a self-contained unit, I see the image of a complex, extremely active factory with many people running many machines — big and small — for the purpose of breaking down and processing fuel. There's a lot of noise but the noise comes from the rhythm of the operating machines. The factory receives shipments of fuel in one form (food) and it processes that fuel so that it can be shipped out in the form that is necessary for the benefit of the factory's one client: the human body.

When I think about the human mouth and its connection to the rest of the body, the second image comes to mind: a steam engine where coal is constantly being shoveled in to create the fire that creates the steam that keeps the engine running and gives it the power to pull the rest of the train — the human body. What happens in the mouth — what happens in the steam engine — relates directly to the body's ability to grow, to strengthen and to maintain a high degree of health.

Unfortunately, today's environment, stresses, diet and oral hygiene often interfere with and, in many ways, break down different elements of the mouth. This compromises, even eliminates, the ability of those elements to function, and the job the mouth is designed to do is hampered. In this highly complex factory, we now have malfunctioning or broken-down machinery and blown circuits. When that occurs, we experience symptoms such as tooth decay, mouth sores, bad breath, and the many infectious diseases we lump under "gum disease." We know how to address the results of mouth breakdown but not the root causes of the breakdown. The results are the symptoms. The cause is the breakdown of the machinery and/or circuits in the mouth factory, thus impeding the whole operation of that factory and its interaction with the rest of the body.

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The Mouth Balancing Solution addresses the many elements of the mouth from the perspective of the active factory and the steam engine boiler. It ensures the mouth's ability to operate efficiently so the rest of the body may receive from the mouth what it needs to repair, grow, strengthen and function on a high level.

IMPORTANT: The mouth is designed to process the food it is given. The quality of the food we shovel in is directly related to the quality of what is passed on to the rest of the body once the mouth breaks it down and processes it. A well-functioning mouth does not magically transform crap food into high quality nutrients. The nutrients of potato chips do not suddenly transform into the nutrients of broccoli. Nor does the Perelandra Mouth Balancing Solution transform crap food into good food. But it does enhance and maintain the ability of the mouth to function so that it can extract the most from the food we shovel in.

ANOTHER POINT: The mouth doesn't discern good nutrients from bad nutrients and just pass along the good parts to the rest of the body. The mouth processes and passes on everything. It's up to our minds and our willingness to think to provide the mouth with the food that gives the rest of our body the good nutrients we need.
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    The Mouth Balancing Solution is to be taken orally.

    Do not eat or drink anything 20 minutes prior to and 20 minutes after taking this solution.

    Should the dropper come in contact with your mouth, tongue or any other surface, be sure to wash the dropper off before sticking it back in the bottle.

    Mouth Balancing Brochure

    Take 8 drops, once daily in the morning before noon.

    Take 8 drops, twice daily, morning before noon and evenings after dinner for as long as you are dealing with the problem(s).

    Take 8 drops, twice daily — as soon as possible after the treatment, and in the evening after dinner.

    • The Mouth Balancing Solution may be used with a Waterpik® or similar dental hygiene device. Add 4 droppersful to one Waterpik® tank (20 oz.).

    • As a mouthwash, mix 2 droppersful / 8 oz. water.
    If you are using Mouth Balancing as a mouthwash, do not use any other mouthwashes. Actually, it will probably be counterproductive if you use a commercial mouthwash once you start using Mouth Balancing. The commercial product itself may be causing a problem with how your "mouth factory" is functioning.

    • For hard-to-reach areas such as deep gum pockets (4 mm or deeper), take your regular dose (8 drops), wait 10 seconds, then telegraph a second dose (8 drops) to each hard-to-reach area. (For steps on how to set up for telegraphing, see Advanced MBP Balancing Solution Use or call our Question Hot Line.)

    • If you're taking any of the MBP Balancing Solutions, do not include the Mouth Balancing Solution with that group's timing (first thing in the morning and last thing at night). The Mouth Balancing Solution is different, and has its own timing: Take it anytime in the morning and anytime in the evening after you have eaten dinner. Just make sure you don't eat or drink anything 20 minutes prior to and 20 minutes after taking a Mouth Balancing dose.

    • There are approximately 150 doses in a 2-oz. bottle of Mouth Balancing Solution. When taking only one daily dose for general maintenance, a 2-oz. bottle will last one person about 5 months.


    The mouth is part of the body's digestive system and is positively impacted when the Perelandra MBP Digestive System Balancing Solution is taken. But because of the complex, self-contained function of the mouth it can be viewed apart from the rest of the digestive system, thus justifying a specialized Perelandra solution that addresses the mouth and its complex function independently. One solution (the Digestive System Balancing Solution) does not eliminate the need for the other solution (the Mouth Balancing Solution) and both may be taken as part of your daily regimen. In fact, when dealing with a persistent, serious or long term oral condition, it is important that you take both solutions daily for full digestive system benefits.
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