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The generalized cell, including
• Cell Membrane: the layer of lipid and protein that controls which materials
pass into and out of the cell; retains the internal cell structure.
• Centriole: bundle of tiny tubes; usually paired and perpendicular to each
other; involved in cell division.
• Cytoplasm: the basic material of the cell outside the nucleus; contains
inclusions (material that does not function as part of the cell) and
organelles (specialized part of the cell).
• Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER): a system of membranous tubes—
Rough ER transports proteins manufactured in the ribosomes;
Smooth ER (round) manufactures steroids in some cells.
• Golgi Complex: layers of membrane-lined sacs that take up and process
secretory products, which are then used by the cell or exported out of
the cell.
7• Lysosome: membrane-lined body of digestive enzymes capable of breaking
down materials, namely foreign substances.
• Microfilament: tiny tube-like structures providing support; composed of
protein (e.g., the proteins actin and myosin that allow contraction in the
skeletal muscle).
• Microtubule: composed of protein; provide structural support within the
• Microvilli: the cell membrane’s finger-like extensions that cover the surface
of epithelial cells, increasing the surface area of the cell and enhancing
• Mitochondrion: long twisted membranous structures that function in the
production of energy for cell operation.
• Nuclear Membrane: similar in construction to the cell membrane;
regulates passage of materials into the nucleus; separates nucleus from the
• Nucleolus: dense rounded mass of protein and RNA in the nucleus;
produces RNA that combines in the cytoplasm to form ribosomes.
• Nucleoplasm: the protoplasm composing the nucleus; contains chromatin
or DNA and related protein; chromatin transforms into chromosomes
during cell division.
• Ribosome: the site of protein manufacture; made up of RNA and proteins
in the cytoplasm.
• Vacuoles/Pinocytotic Vesicles: membranous vessels involved in transport;
can combine or connect with other similar structures (e.g., cell membrane).
380 Ft/ml.
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5 705 Ft
Take the correct number of drops of undiluted Solution listed on the bottle or
on the dosage chart (from the dropper to tongue) every evening at bedtime
(dosage chart: see p. 19). Be careful not to let the dropper come into contact
with anything. Should the dropper become contaminated, wash it off before
sticking it back in the bottle.
When taking more than one Solution at bedtime, the order you take them in
doesn’t matter. They only need to be taken after you have finished eating and
drinking for the day, and the number of drops taken for each Solution must be
accurate. Take each Solution directly, i.e., do not mix the different Solutions in a
spoon or cup—do not mix the Solutions into one “super cocktail.” Wait five seconds between Solutions. In the morning, wait 20–30 minutes after taking the
Solutions before eating or drinking.
Diluting the Solutions for adults is not recommended. However, if you wish,
you may dilute the Solution in less than two tablespoons of cool or tepid water
(not juice, milk or hot water) to “soften” the taste of the brandy or vinegar
preservative used in the Solution.

Adults and Children Over 12 Years: Regular Dosage 7 drops, Diluted Dosage 11 drops.
Children Under 12 Years: Regular Dosage 5 drops, Diluted Dosage 6 drops.
Infants (under 9 mos.): Topical Dosage 5 drops.
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