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Lymphatic System (LSBS)
  • Lymphatic System (LSBS)

Lymphatic System (LSBS)

The lymphoid system is an element of the body’s immune system, defending
against microorganisms and the destruction of cells or cell parts. The tissues and
organs of the lymphoid system are collections of lymphocytes and related cells.
The term “lymphatic system” in the medical world refers to the body’s complex network of vessels that convey lymph and the organs producing and accumulating lymphocytes (one of two kinds of vertebrate white blood cells). It is
considered the “second” circulatory system and comprises a blindly-ending meshwork of highly permeable lymph capillaries permeating most body tissue and
joining to form larger vessels, resembling veins. It joins the venous system, usually near the heart. Tissue fluid drains into lymph capillaries and passes along the
system. The lymphatic system also includes lymph nodes (ovoid structures on
lymph vessels, responsible for removing foreign bodies from the lymph and for
producing lymphocytes and antibodies) and lymphoid tissue (vertebrate tissue in
which lymphocytes develop—e.g., thymus, embryonic liver, adult bone marrow).
NOTE: The body’s defense operations are a major concern when addressing a
person’s ability to maintain general health and balance within a seriously deteriorating environment. When addressing the issue of immunity, it is important to
look at not only the immune system but also the lymphatic system.
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  • Take the correct number of drops of undiluted Solution listed on the bottle or
    on the dosage chart (from the dropper to tongue) every evening at bedtime
    (dosage chart: see p. 19). Be careful not to let the dropper come into contact
    with anything. Should the dropper become contaminated, wash it off before
    sticking it back in the bottle.
    When taking more than one Solution at bedtime, the order you take them in
    doesn’t matter. They only need to be taken after you have finished eating and
    drinking for the day, and the number of drops taken for each Solution must be
    accurate. Take each Solution directly, i.e., do not mix the different Solutions in a
    spoon or cup—do not mix the Solutions into one “super cocktail.” Wait five seconds between Solutions. In the morning, wait 20–30 minutes after taking the
    Solutions before eating or drinking.
    Diluting the Solutions for adults is not recommended. However, if you wish,
    you may dilute the Solution in less than two tablespoons of cool or tepid water
    (not juice, milk or hot water) to “soften” the taste of the brandy or vinegar
    preservative used in the Solution.

    Adults and Children Over 12 Years: Regular Dosage 5 drops, Diluted Dosage 9 drops.
    Children Under 12 Years: Regular Dosage 4 drops, Diluted Dosage 5 drops.
    Infants (under 9 mos.): Topical Dosage 4 drops.
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    14,2 ml. + alkohol (brandy):  6 db
    14,2 ml. + ecet:  2 db
    56,83 ml. + alkohol (brandy):  5 db
    56,83 ml. + ecet:  2 db
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