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New Energy Series Boxed Set - de-programme
New Energy Series Boxed Set - de-programme
46 590 Ft

New Energy Series Boxed Set - de-programme

Almost 100% of what we were taught about ourselves, the universe and everything is a lie. Part of our wake up process involves ditching these false beliefs and deep programmes to uncover the real truth which resides at the core of us.
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46 590 Ft
The New Energy Series has been designed to help with this de-programming with essences such as Pop to help us see through the illusion, Three to help us integrate new information and decode what's coming in and Eight to help us get off the treadmill of linear time and be here now.
The advantages of buying a set are that you have access to the full set when you need them and you can make up bespoke mixes for yourself and your family.
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