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New Child Series Boxed Set - heal the inner child

Helping Sensitive People to Feel Safe in this World
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This is a collection of 16 mineral essences designed especially to help bring resolution to issues relating to early childhood experiences of feeling unsafe, unloved & ungounded.
These feelings underpin how we experience our daily life and will continue to affect us into adulthood until they are addressed and released.

For Adults These essences are particularly useful for adults going through Inner Child Work and will really help to speed up the process of healing.

For Children These essences can be used by children who have picked up patterns of imbalance or programmes from their family or peer group. The essences will help the child feel stable and balanced despite what may be going on around them.
'within' is written after the main theme of each essence to remind us that our healing comes from the energy within us, essences simply help us to bring that energy into balance
The advantages of buying a set are that you have access to the full set when you need them and you can make up bespoke mixes for yourself and your family.
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