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Temple of Light Aura Spray
Temple of Light Aura Spray
6 590 Ft

Temple of Light Aura Spray

Temple of Light was created to meet a specific problem in that there is an incongruity between The Bai-Hui
point and the inner chamber of the heart, and the seventh chakra and the fourth chakra as well.
132 Ft/ml.
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6 590 Ft
Most authorities believe that there is no real healing when these four points and out of synchronisation or not connected. There
are various ways that these points could be connected but nothing that acts quickly or permanently. To assist a
rapid resolution of this problem, this essence was called into being. The activity of the essence is as follows:
The first and dominant force starts at the brow or Ajna chakra draws around the head and upwards to pull on and
thus open the Bai-Hui and continues on a vertical route.
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